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Questions généralistes

Who is the founder of Emigrate?

It's Richard Z. Kruspe, the guitarist of Rammstein.

When was Emigrate born?

After the release of Mutter by Rammstein, Richard Kruspe wanted to start a solo project to purge his extra creativity and ease tensions within Rammstein. Nevertheless, the band was actually formed a few years later, when Richard has recruited other musicians to work on the first album.

When has anyone heard of Emigrate for the first time?

We whave heard about Emigrate for the first time in 2005. But the name Emigrate was unveiled by Richard in an interview in 2006.

Does Emigrate means the end of Rammstein ?

No, as Richard has said, this is a side project, Rammstein is the priority:

Rammstein is an extraordinary project, authentic, uncompromising. Some fans may be concerned about the future of the band. I can assure these fans that Rammstein will continue for sure.

Rammstein released several albums after the creation of Emigrate.

Questions about concerts

Are there any concerts scheduled yet?

No, there are no concerts scheduled yet.

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